Yogesh Lokhande

I developed a fascination for the mystery of life and the universe early in my high school days and thereafter continued my exploration by reading innumerable books on science, history, philosophy and psychology. Unfortunately none of them provided me with any satisfactory answers. Eventually, my explorations led me to the teachings of Gautam Buddha, J Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff and various other Zen and Sufi masters. By focusing my exploration towards an inner inquiry through meditation, I finally came across the answers I was seeking.

Realizing that these insights are of tremendous value to every human being but at the same time are extremely difficult to grasp and even convey to others, I created BigPictureZen.com where I attempt to explain these insights in simple language.

In general, most people are either too busy to take the time to go within or they have already formed strong opinions about everything, both of which make it extremely difficult for them to understand THAT which is beyond words. People need constant reminders to orient them towards understanding themselves and unless people take the time to reflect and meditate on who they truly are, they will always struggle to find effective and elegant solutions to their problems as human beings on this planet earth.

The Big Picture Workshops are a part of the effort of goading people to devote time and space to realize the ultimate mystery of existence for themselves.


After B.E. from VRCE, Nagpur and MBA from IIM Bangalore, I have worked at senior levels in the field of software products, software services, education and innovation for more than 20 years. Currently I am working with Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd as Vice President – Strategy.

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I have completed the training as a Zen Counselor under Kenichi Ishimaru, the creator of Zen Counseling and am now a Certified Zen Counselor.

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