If you feel your life is going out of control and you have no time for anything, then you are not alone. As the pace of life increases, an individual, who has to manage multiple priorities, is liable to lose his true way even before knowing what it is. It is vital to stop, look and listen before it is too late.

We live in an information overloaded world. We can find the answer to any question with just a few clicks. But no amount of descriptive information can be a substitute for a direct experience. Getting an insight into one’s true nature is an experience beyond words.

From birth to death, our journey is more or less given – study, get a job or start a company, get married and start a family, make friends, enjoy various pleasures, grow old and help the young follow the same journey.

Is That All to Life?

It better not be.


Big Picture Zen is my unswerving effort to help sincere seekers of truth to perceive the big picture on life. The Big Picture is a catchall term that represents the behind the scenes view, the secret, the key or the inside information on life.

Normal life is characterized by a sort of hypnosis in which we are mesmerized by what is going on around us – the weather, the people and things in our life, the news on the television, the sound of the traffic, the taste of the food, the things that people say, and the thoughts in our mind. Life moves from one task to the next, from one activity to the next. There seems to be no time and space in our lives for inquiry, reflection and understanding of the big picture. Perceiving the big picture helps one to have a perspective, a vantage point from where to see one’s experience of life and thereby to become free of the hypnotizing effect of daily life.

Big Picture Zen aims to help seekers in accessing the big picture through various means including blogs, quotes, workshops, dialogue, meditation, and counselling.


Zen Counseling is a form of counseling based on the principles of Zen Buddhism. In this approach, the client is perceived as a Buddha and therefore the counselor does not give any advice. Zen Counseling has been found to be effective in all kinds of problems such as anxiety, depression, mental disorders, health problems, studies or relationship issues, financial or even spiritual issues. It is also effective in helping clients make up their minds about certain life decisions, tapping into their inner resources and discovering their life purpose. After a Zen Counseling session, clients have reported immediate relief from stress, confusion, emotional distress, and even physical pain with an accompanying release of energy.


The aim of the workshops is to offer a safe environment for participants, away from the general pressures of daily life, to explore and make the effort to discover their true selves. The workshops do not follow any systematic approach, nor have any specific takeaways but they help participants to see a little bit more of the big picture. Space once created in the mind can never be lost or occupied by the mundane.



To awaken is the true goal of life. Not surprisingly, this effort is not on anyone’s mind, not even in one’s general awareness. Being a counter-intuitive goal and clouded by one’s own thinking, the way remains misunderstood even with rational thought. This e-book is an invitation for you to embark on the greatest adventure of your life.