If you feel your life is going out of control and you have no time for anything, then you are not alone. It is true that the pace of life has increased and an individual, who has to manage multiple priorities, is liable to lose his true way before knowing what it is. It is vital to stop, look and listen before it is too late.

We live in an information overloaded world. We can find the answer to any question with just a few clicks – whether it is about prehistoric animals or galaxies at the end of the universe, about how to repair an engine or how to cook a biryani. But no amount of descriptive information can be a substitute for a direct experience – whether that of tasting a mango or that of getting wet in rain. Getting an insight into one’s true nature is an experience beyond words.

From birth to death, our journey is more or less given – study, get a job or start a company, get married and start a family, make friends, enjoy various pleasures, grow old and help the young follow the same journey. Is that all to life?


To awaken is the true goal of life. To awaken to one’s true nature. To awaken to who one truly is. Not surprisingly, this effort is not on anyone’s mind, not even in one’s general awareness. Being a counter-intuitive goal and clouded by one’s own thinking, the way remains misunderstood even with rational thought.

My humble contribution towards bringing your attention to the goal of awakening is through this small book titled – An Earnest Invitation for The Greatest Adventure of Your Life.

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We are caught up in the immediate situation at all times – the people around us, the things in the room, the temperature of the AC, the news on the television, the sound of the traffic, the taste of the food, what people are saying and the thoughts in our mind. Life moves on from one small thing to another. We never get the chance to see the big picture and neither do we know there is a big picture. Seeing the big picture gives us a perspective, a space, a vantage point from where to see one’s position in life. And Big Picture Zen aims to help people see the big picture with a dash of Zen.


In Zen, every person is already a Buddha. However, personal experience of most people may not prove that. But the fact is that if a person is struggling with a problem, then the solution is also within his own mind. And Zen Counseling is a process in which the counselor, without giving any advice, helps the client to discover the solution within.

To experience a free Zen Counseling session, contact me or inquire at Vidya’s Book Cafe, Ravet.


The aim of the workshops is to offer a safe environment for participants, away from the general pressures of daily life, to explore and make the effort to discover their true selves. The workshops do not follow any systematic approach, nor have any specific takeaways but they help participants to see a little bit more of the big picture. Space once created in the mind can never be lost or occupied by the mundane.

If you wish to attend a big picture workshop or want to organize one, contact me.