Big Picture Zen is an adventure into the human mind in order to reveal its secrets, its power and its potential for transforming our lives.

The big picture says that human beings are not fully conscious of what they think and do. They tend to live their life under a sort of spell which manifests in predictable patterns; and experience of life being limited by their accumulated ideas and beliefs. The big picture also says that every human being has the potential of living a life of freedom, insight, love and awareness. All that is needed to discover and tap into that potential is to become aware of the big picture.

Big Picture Zen aims to create a space and time for exploring the key questions of life and work through the medium of workshop, dialogue and meditation


Big Picture Zen offers workshops on various themes for bringing together groups of people who are interested in learning more about themselves and the truth of life. Learning in a group is accelerated because people discover that others are similar to them in their pains, suffering, joys and desires. The workshops are designed to bring about greater awareness of self and help to guide the participant towards his true identity.


Any personal change begins with the openness to inquire and look within. But the mind is fickle and is liable to get lost in various emotions, memories, and circular reasoning. A sincere seeker of truth needs, from time to time, something to bring him back on track. This is where a dialogue with someone who has been on that journey before helps. At Big Picture Zen, you can have a heart to heart dialogue about your search for truth that can help you come closer to your goal.


The true purpose of meditation is to experience the truth of oneself and existence. It is a direct experience of the process of living without the filters of language and interpretations. A sincere seeker of truth will eventually have to turn to meditation to consummate his search.

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