Pinu and the Tiger Cub

Another short story by Aarika, my 6 year old

There was once a little boy named Pinu. He was very intelligent. He could answer any question put to him. One day he decided to go an explore the world because the world is a large place and he wanted to see all of it.

So he set off and eventually reached a forest. As he was resting under a tree in the forest, he saw many goats running in his direction. He asked the goats why they were running. One of the goats said that there is a tiger cub chasing them so they were running away from it.

Pinu got up and saw in the distance that there was indeed a young baby tiger cub running after the goats. The tiger cub managed to catch a young baby goat and was happy. It started going back to his home. The mother goat was terrified and asked Pinu for help.

Pinu then ran up to the tiger cub and asked him to leave the baby goat alone. The tiger cub said no. He said father tiger had asked him to go to the forest and bring home some animal to eat. So Pinu had an idea. He said to the tiger cub that all the goats are his and he will bring all the goats to the tiger’s home so they all could eat the goats. But now let the baby goat go.

The tiger cub thought it was a good idea and father tiger would be happy that he brought so many goats. So he left the baby goat and ran towards his home. Mother goat was happy to get the baby goat back.

Now Pinu had to think of something. He asked the goats to follow him. They went deep into the forest and discovered a castle. Pinu thought this was a good place to hide so he brought all the goats inside. Then he discovered that there was a video intercom system in the castle. Whenever someone rang the bell, they could see who it was outside. Actually the intercom was a magic intercom. When Pinu pressed the button on the intercom, all the members inside the castle would become invisible by magic. Pinu liked this very much.

At the other side of the forest, the tiger family was waiting for Pinu and the goats. Mother tiger kept asking the tiger cub when the goats were coming. Tiger cub said that Pinu promised to bring the goats. After waiting for a many days the tiger family got very hungry. They decided to go in search of the goats. They went through the whole forest but the goats and Pinu were nowhere to be found. Finally they reached the castle and rang the bell.

Pinu saw in the intercom that it was the tigers. So he pressed the button on the intercom. By magic all the goats and he became invisible. He opened the door to let the tigers in and silently took the goats out from the back door. Then he locked the front door also. Thus the tigers were all locked up in the castle and Pinu escaped with the goats.

Moral – Do not eat animals



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