Sankuji and the Two Villages

The story of Sankuji was told by my 8 year old daughter Aanya

An old man by the name Sankuji lived in a villiage. He was a skillful artist. He used to create beautiful drawings, paintings and artwork. He was a very creative person and that made him very famous not only in his own village but also in nearby villages.

It so happened that the heads of two nearby villages developed jealousy for Sankuji. People from other villages used to go to Sankuji’s village to see his paintings and they felt that their own villages were not famous because of Sankuji. So they hatched a plan to end the popularity of Sankuji.

The heads of the two villages went to Sankuji’s house in the night with several of their strongmen and knocked on the door. Sankuji was asleep but the repeated knocking woke him up. As he opened the door, the men pounced on him and tied him up. Then they took him to a barn and locked him there and went away. They also put some soldiers to guard the barn to prevent Sankuji from escaping.

In the morning, Sankuji found that he had 4 chocolates with him in his pocket and as he took 2 chocolates out, the guards saw them and quickly snatched it away from him. Sankuji saw that the soldiers liked the chocolates so after some time, he spoke to them asking if they wanted more.

The soldiers said yes but Sankuji put the condition that if they will let me go, then he will give them the chocolates. The soldiers were greedy and really liked the chocolates so they allowed Sankuji to come out of the barn. Sankuji gave them the two remaining chocolates and went home.

The next day, he called the head of his village and the heads of the two villages and said, “If you want to be famous, then show your skills, show your art and show your creation but do not end the work of others.” After hearing this, the heads of the two villages said sorry and apologized to Sankuji and went back.

Moral of the story – Never be jealous.

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