RIP Time


The responsibility of proving that time exists lies with those who say that time exists. The existence of clocks & watches does not prove that time exists just as existence of rulers do not prove the existence of inches or the existence of thermometers does not prove the existence of temperature.

Time is a concept that helps to standardize the measurement of change. How is it done? One change is kept as base & everything else is compared to that. For e.g. The movement of the shadow on a sundial or the movement of a pendulum or the oscillation of a quartz crystal is used to measure time.

Man has created the notion of time & applied it to everything.- the age of the universe, age of dinosaur fossils, history…

Time causes psychological stress. So you must understand this illusion of time


Right now, what time is it? In India, it is 5:30pm , in London it is 12 noon, in Japan midnight & USA morning. But on earth, what time is it?

Try this one

Visualize yourself at night going up like a balloon into the sky. Keep going up, go beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Keep going. You will see the sun at some point. Does it mean it is day now? Day & night is only a happening on earth. we count the alternate days & call it the calendar. Then we extend that infinitely in two directions & call it past & future.

The universe is a dark place. Just because we are near a star, we see light. In fact our existence is because of the sun.

Watch closely. When does “this” moment end & the “next” moment begin? You won’t find a boundary. If Taj Mahal was in the past, why do we see it today in the present?

Here is another one.

Monday, Tuesday,… January, February,… 1,2,3… are all concepts. If you do not have a calendar for several days & you wake up one day, how do you know what date, what year it is?

Past, Present & Future are only constructs of language & thought for the purpose of communication and mutual convenience. Nothing is moving from past to present or present to future. Things are only changing & we interpret them in terms of time. Whatever was, is and will be has always been, will be right NOW.

Sequence & Order is only a mental illusion. Imagine that I show you an apple & then an orange. What came first? You say – the apple. But fact is both apple & orange existed simultaneously. The order or sequence was created by mind.


Movement of thought is Time. No movement, no time. When you realize there is no time, you change totally.

Don’t TRY to live in the present moment. You have always been in the present moment. You ARE the present moment.

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