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BPW – The Journey to NOW

BPW The Journey to NOW
From Left: Pratik, Kunal, Saurabh, Nidhi, Nilesh, Urmi, Amee, Karishma & Bharat

From morning till night, we are driven by the terror of the clock. The various deadlines at work keep us under stress. We are unable to live freely because one or other time pressure makes us do things. But we never investigate the real nature of time and whether it really exists.

We take it for granted that time exists and we live in time. But on closer examination, we discover a very counter-intuitive and liberating insight about time and our relationship to it.

What time is it now? – this should be our starting point as we discover that time is different at different places on the earth right now. By doing a few thought experiments, we come to the realization that time is merely an agreement between all of us to adhere to a certain way of measurement of our activities.

And when we deeply see and grasp the truth of this matter, we are free to either agree or disagree to deadlines that come our way or negotiate them. A man who has mastered time, defines his own terms on this matter and is truly free of time.


RIP Time


The responsibility of proving that time exists lies with those who say that time exists. The existence of clocks & watches does not prove that time exists just as existence of rulers do not prove the existence of inches or the existence of thermometers does not prove the existence of temperature.

Time is a concept that helps to standardize the measurement of change. How is it done? One change is kept as base & everything else is compared to that. For e.g. The movement of the shadow on a sundial or the movement of a pendulum or the oscillation of a quartz crystal is used to measure time.

Man has created the notion of time & applied it to everything.- the age of the universe, age of dinosaur fossils, history…

Time causes psychological stress. So you must understand this illusion of time


Right now, what time is it? In India, it is 5:30pm , in London it is 12 noon, in Japan midnight & USA morning. But on earth, what time is it?

Try this one

Visualize yourself at night going up like a balloon into the sky. Keep going up, go beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Keep going. You will see the sun at some point. Does it mean it is day now? Day & night is only a happening on earth. we count the alternate days & call it the calendar. Then we extend that infinitely in two directions & call it past & future.

The universe is a dark place. Just because we are near a star, we see light. In fact our existence is because of the sun.

Watch closely. When does “this” moment end & the “next” moment begin? You won’t find a boundary. If Taj Mahal was in the past, why do we see it today in the present?

Here is another one.

Monday, Tuesday,… January, February,… 1,2,3… are all concepts. If you do not have a calendar for several days & you wake up one day, how do you know what date, what year it is?

Past, Present & Future are only constructs of language & thought for the purpose of communication and mutual convenience. Nothing is moving from past to present or present to future. Things are only changing & we interpret them in terms of time. Whatever was, is and will be has always been, will be right NOW.

Sequence & Order is only a mental illusion. Imagine that I show you an apple & then an orange. What came first? You say – the apple. But fact is both apple & orange existed simultaneously. The order or sequence was created by mind.


Movement of thought is Time. No movement, no time. When you realize there is no time, you change totally.

Don’t TRY to live in the present moment. You have always been in the present moment. You ARE the present moment.

Do Not Look Forward to Anything


It is so natural to think and imagine that tomorrow will be better than today. Aren’t we all planning for something or thinking of something that is going to happen sometime in the future? Maybe we are looking forward to a vacation. Maybe we are looking forward to getting married or having children. Maybe we are looking forward to a promotion in our job. On a daily scale, we look forward to the party at night or the meeting in the afternoon or even the cricket match on television.

Looking forward to a pleasant event causes anticipation of joy and excitement. Similarly, looking forward to an unpleasant event causes anxiety or fear. Have you even watched the process of looking forward to? Doesn’t it involve a lot of imagination born out of memory of past experiences or what information you have heard and gathered?

For instance, if you are looking forward to a vacation to a place you have never been to, do you not imagine what you will do or what you expect to find there based on the stories and experiences related by others who have been to that place before? Do you not imagine how happy you are going to be there or what experiences you are going to have there?

But what happens in reality? You might not have the exact same experiences when you visit that place? Many things might not be as you imagined they would be. That leads to frustration and anger. You blame those people who recommended that place to you. Even if you find most things as you imagined, you are unable to enjoy completely because the mind is filled with ideas about the place and is constantly comparing your actual experience with your imaginations.

To take another example, you might be looking forward to your exam results. You remember what other people commented on your results the last time and you start imagining what people’s reactions will be if you get poor results or better results than last time. All this imagination causes anxiety to build up.

Is it possible not to look forward to anything? Some people might say that it will make for a dull life where there is no hope and no future. But look at it in another way. What happens when you are not lost in the thoughts of what is going to happen tomorrow? Are you not fully in the present?

‚ÄčThe present moment is all there is. Imagination prevents your direct contact with the present moment. That is the reason why you do not experience anything even during the experience because the mind is busy in imaginations, comparisons, anger and frustrations.

Things are changing so rapidly that to experience the present moment requires your complete attention and energy but when energy is sapped in imagination about what is going to happen, one misses the moment and its beauty.

Therefore, do not look forward to anything – near or far, pleasant or unpleasant. When you are able to do this and remain in the moment, you will discover something totally unexpected. And it is the totally unexpected which has the quality of genuine happiness.

What Time is it Now?


What time is it NOW? If you are looking at your watch to find out, you are a victim of one of the greatest mass hypnosis on earth! And you are not alone. Each one of us is imprisoned in the net of time.

Your watch might say it is 7:15 am. But look around at the other clocks in your house. Are they exactly showing the same time to the second? Probably not! They might be running a few minutes apart. For our normal consciousness, this is not a problem. We assume that there must be an exact time RIGHT NOW, which someone (probably the government or GOD) must obviously be maintaining.

It is not even surprising to us that in Singapore, it might be 9:45 am on April 10th right now or in the United States, 7:45 pm on April 9th. This is because it is a commonly accepted notion that there are different time zones. But note that the earth is not physically but only conceptually divided into longitudes. We are taught so many things in history and geography early in childhood that we fail to question anything and get so busy with our life that we never get around to examining the nature of reality.

If on the earth, there are different times at different places, what time is it actually NOW?

We are so hooked to the watch and the time it shows, that our whole life revolves around it. We wake up at a certain time, have to catch a bus or train at a certain time, reach office at a certain time, meet a friend at a certain time, cook pizza in the microwave for a certain time, grow from a baby to an adult in a certain number of years and so on. It is so so obvious that there IS time that no one questions whether time exists in reality. I know that no one is going to believe this, but if you are one of those inquisitive types and want to know the “behind the scenes” story then please pay attention.

You will at least accept that the clock is just an instrument. If the clock stops, the time does not stop. This is our conventional understanding. So if time never stops for anyone, can we see it moving?

Look at any object around you – say a door. Observe very keenly. Do you see it moving from the past minute to the present minute into the next minute? Or do you see it coming from the future into the present and fading away into the past? If you do not claim to possess divine vision, you will just see the door. You will not see it going anywhere or coming from anywhere.

And that’s a fact. The door is there right now. The wood, out of which the door gets its shape and name, is decaying in the context of its surrounding environment due to heat and moisture and maybe termites. This process cannot be seen with the naked eye on a second to second basis, but is happening and cannot be denied. You can look at the door after 10 years and you will surely see the change.

So if you tell yourself that the door that you see is actually changing right now due to the moisture and heat, it will actually be the truth compared to believing our normal consciousness that provides a false picture of a permanent and unchanging door.

So it is with everything around us, including ourselves. Everything is continuously changing. Now look at the clock and watch the second hand. It is moving and changing its orientation continuously. One of the first things that was taught to us as a child (who was changing all the time growing into an adult), is to read the time from the clock. So we see which hand is pointing to which number and speak out the time. But if you drop the interpretation and just see the hands, they are only changing their position continuously. This change of position is interpreted as different times.

Fundamentally, there is only change. Time is a concept invented to have a common measure of this change. Time does not exist by itself. When the world had not changed so much, people used a sundial to note time. The change in the position of the shadow on the sundial, caused by the change in the position of the sun was a proxy for time. Today we might use the vibrations of atoms as a proxy for time but the analogy is the same – one change is used to measure another change. There is no time, only change.

We are so deeply caught in the illusion of time that we think that changes happen in time. This is not true. There are only changes, no time. The concept of time is used only to achieve a certain purpose. When you are going to meet your friend at 5pm, it means that both you and your friend will try to change your positions to the decided point along with the sun changing its position to a certain point.

If you stare at the open sky for a while, you tend to lose the sense of time. This is because there actually is no time. Only when you see about you people rushing around or when thoughts start running in your mind, that you are fooled about time.

There never was any history. Everything that has happened has happened now and will happen now. Some people had calculated that the earth was created in 4004 BC. Today some people believe that the universe began some 13 billion years ago with the big bang. None of this needs to be believed because it is all an interpretation of their observations.

Everything is continuously changing. That is the only truth. If you just watch the change continuously without the notion of time entering your perception and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of what is timeless, the very fabric of existence, who you are, GOD! Life will not be the same for you after that!