The Girl with a Magic Wish

This is a short story composed by my 6 year old daughter Aarika

Once upon a time, there lived a sweet little girl. She used to do everything by magic. She used to get everything by magic. All she had to do was to write her wish on a paper in the night and it used to get fulfilled in the morning when she woke up.

So one night, she wrote on a page – “I want a small baby pillow” and stuck the paper on a wall. When she woke up in the morning, she did not find the pillow. Actually the pillow was there in the corner but she did not see it. She did not remember where she had stuck the paper also. She searched the whole house but could not find the pillow. It was time for her college so she had to go.

After coming back from college, she remember where she had stuck the paper. There was a bag near the corner of the room and she found the pillow inside the bag. But the pillow was very small, like a small toy. She remembered she had asked for a baby pillow but this was too small. So she removed the cover of the pillow and threw it away.

At night, before sleeping she wrote on a paper – “I want a medium sized pillow”. The pillow appeared in the night but because no one took it, the paper by magic took it back.

Next day, she wanted to go to Pune from Nagpur. So she boarded a train. When the train stopped at a station in the morning, she woke up and got down on the platform. She saw a lot of shops in front of the station. There were all kinds of shops with everything. Then she remembered that in the night she had written on the page – “I want everything”. She was very happy.

She went into the shops and took everything she wanted. But in the meanwhile, she forgot about the train and when she returned to the platform, the train had left. She saw here and there but the train was not there. She was sad because all her bags were in the train. She was hoping someone would pull the chain and stop the train.

She had no money. She started thinking what to do. Then she got an idea. She started begging and earned some money. With that money she bought some new clothes. Then she saw a flat and started living there. There was a computer in the house and using that she booked a train ticket to Nagpur.

She boarded the train and realized it was the same train which she had taken earlier from Nagpur to Pune. At night, she woke up because she wanted to go to the toilet. On the way, she saw her bags which she had lost in the earlier trip. She was so happy. But she kept the bags there only and wrote a note with a number on it and kept it in her pocket. Next morning, the train reached Nagpur. She removed the note with the number from her pocket, reached the compartment where her bag was and took the bag with her and went home.

Moral of the Story – Do not act on any idea that comes to your mind.

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