The Story of a Lazy Boy

This is a short story composed by my 6 year old daughter Aarika

Once upon a time, there was a lazy boy. He was very lazy. His name was Soma and he lived in Pune. He went to school daily but because he was very lazy he did not study. As a result he got a wrong in everything at school.

He became very upset. So he said to his mother one day that he wanted to get out of this school. Then his mother admitted him to another school. In that new school, everything was Ulta-Pulta. They gave right for wrong answers and wrong for right answers. This worked well for Soma because now  in the final exam when he gave wrong answers, he got everything right and full marks. He was very happy now. He decided to stay in this school till college.

As the years went by, he reached the last standard in the school. He remembered his decision to stay back in this school till college. So he told the principal about it. But the Principal said no. Soma asked the Principal to allow him to continue college in the same school because it was a good school. But the Principal refused.

So Soma went back to his mother and told her about it. His mother also said it was not possible. Soma was unhappy.

One night, he tore a page from an old notebook and wrote on it – “I am leaving home and going to see the world”. He stuck the note on the door and left.

He boarded a train. He looked around and saw that all the people in the train looked like Chinese people. So he thought that the train was going to China. He wanted to go to Mumbai but since the train was going to China, he thought he will get down in Mumbai. But in reality, the train was going to Ahmedabad. So he reached Ahmedabad in the morning.

He thought what to do now because he wanted to go to Mumbai. So he bought a house which had a computer. Using the computer he booked a flight ticket for Mumbai. It was a late night flight. After reaching Mumbai, he found another house and a college. He studied in the college and grew up.

Meanwhile, his father and mother did not find him at home in the morning and saw the note on the door, which said that – I am leaving home and going to see the world. They tore the note and threw it away in the dustbin.

Soma’s parents had a magic computer which they never showed to him. They opened the computer and saw everything on it – how Soma boarded the train, reached Ahmedabad and then to Mumbai and also which college he joined. They also typed into the computer – How many years old is Soma now?

Soma wanted to get married but he did not find any girl. He became old and still could not marry because he did not get any girl.

Moral of the Story – Remember that kids must stay at home with parents in order to find a girl to marry.



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