Big Picture Workshops

The Big Picture Workshops are designed, literally speaking, to give participants a perspective on the big picture of their life. The workshops cover various themes such as

  • A Life in Symbols
  • Nature, God and I
  • Time and Timelessness
  • The Story of My Life
  • Mechanical Life vs. Conscious Life
  • Love and Action
  • Living or Livelihood
  • The Language Trap
  • Reality and Illusion
  • Doing and Being
  • PQ, EQ, IQ, SQ
  • Communication in Relationships
  • Meditations


The intent of these workshops is not to feed a new philosophy to the participants but to create a safe space for them to explore the contents of their own minds. The intent of the workshops is

  • To give participants an opportunity to step back and observe their life and get a perspective on their personal journey
  • To help participants identify the unsaid philosophy which guides their actions which in turn creates their experiences
  • To share their experiences and learn from others experiences
  • To provide participants some tools and skills to view their life from angles they have not got any chance to experience


Seeing the big picture can produce an A-HA moment in which one understands something more deeply about oneself or the world. Participants can expect to experience the following outcomes from the workshop

  • Getting access to an unshakeable insight into the nature of life
  • Being able to think for oneself and not having to depend on third party interpretation of what is going on
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own interpretations, decisions and actions in all situations
  • Being able to relate with love and compassion
  • Awakening to the true meaning and potential of one’s life
  • A sense of being alive for the first time


The workshops are designed for the layman. There is no prerequisite to have a background on science, religion or spirituality. The only requirement is genuine curiosity to explore and experience the mystery of life. The discovery begins at the very place you are right now.